Transportation as well known is the means which are used by people to move from place to place or to even move goods. Due to technological advancements, now there are many ways and means available for transport. Whether it be a personal car, public buses, underground trains, airplanes, ships we have almost used all or regularly use one of these means for transport.

The issues we are going to discuss today is the means of transportation to the airport when we are going to travel. As we all know whenever we travel to the airport we cannot take our regular car there as we might not be coming for days. That solution only works when we have a family member who has to return back or we have a driver who can take the car back. In this situation there are many ways that can be used for transportation which include a cab, getting a Uber or even taking the city train to the airport, but the two solutions that standout the most and are used the most are Shared Shuttles and Private Airport Transfers.

Private Airport Transfers are usually related to a private vehicle which can be paid for to use as a transportation to the airport. The company which provides this vehicle also provides a driver with it as well. So you don’t have to worry about driving or travelling the day you have to take a flight. Just book a private transfer, pack your bags and your transportation will be at your gate the time you give it, so you don’t have to worry about being late for your flight as well.

Shared shuttles are a fairly new concept but is gaining momentum day by day. Shared shuttles mean that for example if you and your friends or relatives have to go for a same flight then all of you can book a car and cab and share the price of it. That way you still won’t have to worry about the transport at the day of your flight, and you just need to travel and also will reach on time.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of both Shared shuttles and Private airport transfers. Private airport transfers provide you with the privacy you need when travelling, which is not present in shared Shuttles. However, shared shuttles are more affordable then private airport transfers, as the same care that was catering a single person is now catering 4 to 5 persons so the cost is divided. Furthermore, shared shuttles are also good for the environment as one car travels instead of 4 separately and hence the fuel and Carbon released in environment is less, this is a major reason for the increase in popularity of shared shuttles. In Shared shuttles you also have the company of friends and family which makes your day overall better.

The final decision depends upon you if you can afford private transfers and if you want privacy then that is for you, else go for Shared Shuttles.

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