If you have recently been told by a doctor you have eclampsia or pre-eclampsia, it is rather important that you find out about what it really is and what the stages of the problem are. As if it is not difficult enough to become a pregnant woman, pre-eclampsia is a condition occurring in pregnancy and greatly increases your risk factor for the pregnancy.

تسمم الحمل It’s vital that you learn around you can about how the disorder is characterized, how exactly it affects you and also how to know if you could have it. This is not designed to be sound medical advice and really should never replace the evaluation and treatment of a qualified physician but it is an effective way to get a concept of what the condition is about in case you or someone you love may have it.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that occurs in pregnancy that can cause convulsion. It usually happens after 20 weeks of pregnancy however in rare cases, can occur earlier. It usually happens with the first child but again, can sometimes happen after multiple children.

Eclampsia can occur before, during or following the labor process and the unfortunate simple truth is that even if no signs of pre-eclampsia were showing, eclampsia can still happen. The only true way to know if you have the disorder has been eclamptic convulsions. This can happen in four different stages of severe pain.

Here are the common stages of eclampsia:

1. This stage is often missed by the pregnant woman unless she actually is aware she is at risk and is actively looking for it. Hand and face muscles may slightly twitch and your eyes may roll.

2. In this stage that occurs shortly after the first, one’s teeth will clench up and the legs and arms go rigid. The expecting mother could bite her tongue and her face and hand muscles can clench up. Gleam possible loss of breath for 30 seconds or so.

3. Now since it moves to the third stage, it gets very severe. The muscles will jerk violently and there may be bloody and/or frothy saliva. This may last about two minutes and usually leads to heart failure or a coma.

4. In the final stage, the woman will be within an unconscious state. This is something that can last for hours or that may happen and pass very quickly. Some women will die before reaching this final stage so eclampsia is a very serious condition and pre-eclamspia is not to be taken lightly.

Remember that these stages may differ from woman to woman and you’ll not follow them exactly also to the tee but when you’ve got a general notion of the stages of eclampsia, you should understand what is happening to you or someone you love as it is happening.

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